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About Us

Welcome to ArtStuffs!

Are you an art supply hoarder?

Maybe you bought a new kind of paint to try? Or clay that you can’t quite figure out what to do with but you will use one day. Perhaps you own a table easel that you honestly don’t use because you don’t create small projects.

Artists hoard art supplies. But Why?

Because you were going to take that class, try your hand at sculpting, experiment in a completely different medium. And you bought what you needed to make that happen, except.. now those supplies sit on shelves, clutter up studios, and take up all available space in nooks and crannies, garages and spare rooms.

  • Used art supplies take up space.
  • Some used art supplies go “bad” if left for too long.
  • Supplies are “used” the second you walk out the store door.
  • Put something on the shelve you really need
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ArtStuffs goal is to offer an alternative way of dealing with the “equipment” part of your art business, by being an exchange, connecting artist to artist.

And how do we know the state of your closets, studios, and garages?

Because we’re artists too! Artists with our own unused art supplies eh, everywhere!

We’ve got unopened watercolors when we primarily work with oil, Plein Air easels, although we never leave our studios. Paper paper paper, when we only use canvas. We hold onto our art supplies like gold because how do you sell used art supplies? Too much trouble and too much time to list on auction websites where you’ll get a fraction for what you paid for them. We’d rather be creating!

Yet these unused used supplies still collect dust waiting for that moment when we’ll finally get around to using them. Or not.

But what if there was a way to get something back for them? Something we’d value just as much as the original cost?

Art supplies aren’t cheap, in fact they’re downright expensive and you’ve got good money tied up in them. However, as soon as they leave that art store with you they depreciate, they’re worth a lot less then what you just paid for them. They are now “used,” even if you’ve never opened their package.

That’s where ArtStuffs comes in. List your art supplies on our site with photos or video and communicate with other artists directly. Sell them or better yet, trade them for stuff you’ll really use. Make arrangements to pick them up, or have them shipped. Your choice, your site, made by artists, for artists, It’s as simple as that!