Pocket Reference Expression Heads

LeahM November 12, 2020

Pocket Reference Expression Heads


Isn’t it time to take reference material to the next level?

Time to go beyond photos that leave a lot of the actual “reference” up to your imagination? Well, now you can with these unusual little sets of 3D miniature faces. We came across these gems on the web, the never-ending landscape and repository for strange.. well.., things and stranger art supplies. We are proud to present Pocket Reference Expression Heads. This set of five heads with random expressions, come in their own carrying case and are created by the folks at Traditional Art Tutorials. Hand-cast in small batches, they feature hyper-realistic expressions, come with five heads of the same person but with five different expressions, in their own carrying case for easy get-up-and-go.

But you won’t have to settle for just one person’s face full of expressions, instead, you’ll can choose from seven different sets that include racial and age differences. The heads arrive in a sun-glass case type of box, (making it pocket portable,) with five separate expressive heads ready to sketch.

Pocket Heads In Case

Add a light source, phone, or flashlight.

We think what is particularly cool about these heads is that not only are they 3D so it’s not just a picture, but that you can add a light source, phone or flashlight, and move it around the faces, increasing or decreasing the light and shadows creating unique effects.

To use: place ahead on a flat surface or lean it up against something, like it’s own case, and move your light source around it until you find the image you want to sketch.

At $40 plus shipping, they are not cheap,

however, the detail on them is so exquisite that they are little miniature statement pieces on their own. Leave them around your house or pile them in a basket when not in use to make your own artistic statement.

In the future they plan to make sculpted hands, torsos and other bits of human anatomy so sign up for their mailing list because it’s a don’t miss and what an idea, how cool is this anyway?

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