Welcome To ArtStuffs!

LeahM March 26, 2018

Welcome To ArtStuffs!
We’re back and better than ever!
Although we’ve had our Facebook and Pinterest pages all along, we’ve truly missed sharing with you, the incredible artists that make our world an interesting and beautiful place to live in. So here we are, ready to connect brushes with canvas, clay with wheels, and paint with well.., everything! Feel free to list your own gently used art supplies (it’s free!) or just browse to see what others are offering. Either way, there’s something for everyone at ArtStuffs!
When you’re ready to list it’s simple. Write a good description of what you’re offering. Add some pictures, don’t forget to decide whether you want to trade for something of equal value or straight up sell your supplies, then wait for people to contact you. There are no fees for listing. It’s artist to artist. Easy and direct.
We hope you’ll find our site enjoyable and easy to use. Don’t forget to share your stories, we love to hear from you! That’s it, now onto the listings!
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